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Where can I find Installation Manual of Tecnovideo products?
How can I ask support to Tecnovideo for technical queries and spare parts?
Where can I find a datasheet or a certificate?
Tecnovideo PTZ units: Can PTZ units be installed upside down?
HOUSINGS: Which power should I supply to my housing/ptz unit?

Can I repair Ex-proof equipment or replace some components?

Ex-Proof Standards in force pose serious limitation on what can and what can't be done on certified equipment.
There are many issues to be taken into account during repairs and replacement, with a special attention to traceability.
As a rule of thumb, only Tecnovideo personnel is allowed to perform repairs and replacement.
There are some exceptions to the above. Customer may replace (only with Tecnovideo original spare parts):
- wiper blades;
- wiper mechanism assemblies;
- sunshields:
- toroidal transformers;
- cables.
Camera modules can be replaced only with same models, unless in written approved by Tecnovideo. 
In case of camera module replacement, Tecnovideo must be notified with updated Serial Number.
All replacement of electrical components (cameras, PCBAs, transformers, ...) for FM Approved products must be performed in Tecnovideo's premises.
A special note: whenever a flamepath gets damaged/scratched/dented, the unit must be shipped back to Tecnovideo for repair. Damaged flamepaths will void the certification and introduces a serious explosion risk.
Please refer to technical support (techsupport@tecnovideocctv.com) for further details.
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